Fiber Laser Hand-Held Markers

FiberFLY 20W IR, Pulsed Laser, TEM00 Mode

  • FiberFLY is a compact, Low Cost, reliable industrial quality marking solution $ Simple to use, 120V, Windows Operating system. Optional Handheld configuration
  • FiberFLY offers a unique combination of a low initial capital investment, low operating costs, simple to use powerful software, reliable industrial design, providing repetitive high quality precise marking for production applications.
  • Exceptionally high reliability operates maintenance free without routine replacement of consumables, e.g., flash lamps, diode racks, filters. Designed to operate under rough industrial conditions (vibration, dust, humidity, etc.) – 50,000 hrs MTBF
  • FiberFLY has three major components; 1.) The laser module, 2.) The electronic controller, 3.) Software
FiberFLY Architecture

  • Laser Module– ultra-compact scanning module   
  • Control Unit – a 19 3U SS rack enclosure
  • Smart Link – a stainless steel cable links the laser to the Controller
  • FlyControl Software – diagnostic and monitoring
  • FlyCad – Operating software

FiberFly Laser Module:

  • The scanner unit has an 8 mm aperture mirror allowing marking speed in excess of 600 char/sec (1.5 mm high). 
  • An integrated 633 nm red diode pointer highlights the mark area
  • Scan head rotation – 1800
  • 20-80 kHz repetition rate, 100-200ns pulse width, with superior beam quality provides precise mark quality.
  • Single mode fiber beam delivery.
FiberFly Control Module: Is a 3U stainless steel Rack enclosure containing the Laser Generator, Power Supply and the Server. The Power Supply is protected against interferences and impulse signals.  The Server unit can be connected to a company network through a 100Mbit/s TPC/IP communication for control of the laser system.  A single stainless steel cable links the laser modular to the Control Module provides for increased protection of the fiber and the cables eliminating risk of breakage or  damage to the fiber optic cable.
  • FiberFLY system is offered as a Class IV OEM laser marking unit, or integrated as a Class I laser safe customized automated production line application. PC required.

FiberFly Software is a Windows® based system which includes two components – FlyCad and FlyControl. The software is powerful and flexibility incorporating in one (.dwg) file all the information for marking every combination of marking data and with the parameters for multi axis motion, and to control and monitor the laser system.

FlyControl Software is a systems monitoring and diagnostic program for the laser marking system and sub-assembly components. This program enables the user to have real time control of the system. It enables monitoring the functionality of FiberFLYand modification of important parameters. Any and all external events requested by the operator or by the production line are recorded and saved.

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