Laser Marking System

Laser Marking Systems & Services

Custom Laser System integrated production line laser marking systems provide permanent marks with information by which full manufacturing, and service histories can be traced. Laser marking machine vision readable codes (Linear or DataMatrix) directly on Components, Materials, and Packaging has proven to be cost effective across a broad range of applications.


Guaranteed quality and on time delivery of customers products – including custom tooling for high volume low cost processing.

  • CO2, nd:YAG, 532nm, 266nm (diode pumped, fiber beam delivery and semiconductor diode lasers)
  • Beam-Steered Laser Marking Systems
  • Dot-Matrix Laser Marking System
  • Mask Laser Marking Systems

Laser Marking Software

Laser Marking System Components

This enables us to select the optimum laser marking technology for your application, and through our affiliation with MP TECHNOLOGIES, we have the experience and capabilities to develop the most cost effective integrated automated (machine vision) systems for each application, Laser Marking Benefits are summarized below:

Diode Pumped Laser Marking System | Cost Per Year YAG | CO2 Laser Marking Components | Cost Per Year CO2

  • High quality, permanent marks
  • Easy to use by unskilled operator
  • Flexible software based – rapid Set-up, changeover maximizes Productivity, minimizes scrap
  • Non-contact marking process – eliminates material stress/scrap
  • Reliable proven technology with Low levels of maintenance
  • Marks a broad range of materials-adaptable to a variety of marking applications
  • Rapid marking rates-productivity
  • Low operating costs – no hazardous materials
  • Adaptable to various automated production line system including Mark-on-fly -parts moving
  • Marks directly to product, eliminates labels-cost
  • Automatic serialization/date
  • Very small legible characters, logos, graphics, bar codes

Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Brass Cooper, Plastics, PCB’s, Rubber, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Paint, Paper, Composites

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