Industrial Laser, LLC is a leader in the Laser Welding technology processes and development sector, and a manufacturing company that specializes in evaluating, testing, and selecting the best laser technologies and processes that will optimize their clients production requirements, such as laser welding, laser cladding, laser heat treating, industrial laser marking, and contract laser processing. Samples for clients are processed in our own laser laboratory and/or at one of our many partner laboratories. ILS and Oberg Industries have strategically collaborated in order to pursue different types of laser projects, as have been summarized below:

  • Contract laser processing services per customer specifications – Welding, Cladding, Scribing, Drilling, Cutting, Marking, Micro Machining. Small lot quantities and high volume production, including secondary processes, e.g., testing, assembly. In addition we also develop systems for the turnkey production of client products at our facilities. Proven performance providing consistent quality, and on-time delivery. We can provide contract manufacture and turnkey product manufacture references.
  • Laser process development feasibility studies providing – benchmark samples, specified laser process parameters, and laser system specifications including budgetary prices.
  • Integrated automated laser production line systems – Design, engineering, development, training, documentation, and installation support on customer product lines. Reliable integrated laser systems guaranteed to meet customer specifications.
  • References available – Contract Laser Processing, Feasibility Studies, Automated Systems, contract manufacturing and production.

The Together, ILS and Oberg can provide laser processing services per their customers’ specifications, such as welding, scribing, cutting, and micro machining. We can handle small lot quantities, as well as high volume production. In addition to the above mentioned works, we can also provide testing and assembly. If you need solutions for turnkey production, we can do that. We have a proven performance record for providing quality consistently, and we are always on time. We can provide both turnkey and manufacturing references.

We are also capable of feasibility studies for your project, and we can provide you with benchmark samples, laser processes within your parameters, and system specifications all for a price that may surprise you.

We can provide all services, from design to engineering, product development, training, and even installation support on your consumer lines. We guarantee that our work will meet or exceed your expectations. As stated, we have references that can corroborate our statements.

We are pleased with our alliance with Oberg Industries. Through this alliance, we can now fulfill unique technological capabilities for any and all industrial manufacturing companies, such as an unbiased selection of premium laser technologies for any type of application that will ensure that your products and services are high quality. We can successfully integrate the laser system with your existing production line, optimize your productivity, and maximize your return on your investment.

From initial design to delivery, implementation, and optimum training, Industrial Laser Systems will support you each step of the way. We will train your employees in the best practices, as well as how to operate the machinery and maintain your system for the best results and the best overall safety. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Automated, Robotic, Machine Vision Intergrated Laser production Line Systems. With fifteen (15) years experience, we offer industrial clients the following benefits:[more]
  • Laser Process Development Feasibility Services
  • Automated Laser Integration of Production Line Systems
  • Contract Laser Processing Including Turnkey Manufacture of Customer Product

Laser Welding

Laser pulse forming enables welding dissimilar metals with hi pulse energy for deep penetration welding.[more ]


Laser Clad Profile – 4 kW Direct Diode
Laser with auto Powder Feed of
NiCrMo @ 0.45 m/min




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